<b>A Comparative Study on pH of Soil From Different Areas of Mumbai Region, India</b> Mumbai is situated at the top of the Ulhas River on the western coast of India. It is covered by the Arabian Sea to the west. In Mumbai sandy soil is predominantly present due to its proximity to the sea. The present study was conducted during the winter season month of March and April 2017 2018 from inhabited areas. Soil samples were collected from different areas of Mumbai. Soil pH and moisture content in soil were measured by using the standard method. The standard deviation was conducted on all variables. Our study showed that the pH value is in the alkaline range in different areas of Mumbai. It could be due to the decreased ground level of water, industrialization, pollution, inhabitation, and heavy construction in the area. Our study suggests that alkaline soils increase the salt content, could lower nutrition and mineral absorption leading to difficulty in taking up agricultural production. Alkaline soil, moisture, pH, water conservation 1349-1351 Issue-5 Volume-2 Leena Muralidharan | Sangeeta Gaur | Chinmay Muralidharan