<b>Public Interest Litigation A Critical Review</b> In this research paper the researcher has focused on the introduction of Public Interest Litigation in the Indian Judicial System. The innovative procedure of law has been introduced for betterment of the socially and economically deprived. Paper includes the positive impacts and negative impacts it curtails on the Indian society and explores the ways someone can use the judicial instrument for securing the rights of the deprived sections of society. The paper discusses about the writs that can be used to take the legal remedy. Also, includes certain landmark cases and judgments that show up the necessity public interest litigation has in the Indian society. The paper aims at critically analyzing the public interest litigation instrument introduced by the judicial system. The researcher also comments on the present scenario of the public interest litigation and aims to show its importance by discussing relevant case laws that made an impact on the judicial system. The conclusion part lays an overview of the research work done and tries to suggest the necessary steps to be taken or the loophole that exists, which needs to be mended. 935-940 Issue-5 Volume-2 Arihant Agrawal