<b>Child Labour A Devastating Evil and Measures Taken by Indian Judiciary</b> Child labour is not a new issue for India. With the increasing population, the problem and issue of Child labour is also increasing. India is the second largest country after Africa which is adversely affected by child labour. Our government took many measures to eliminate child labour. Child labour is basically a kind of work which deprives the children from their childhood it can be any kind of work like working in tea stall, working in fireworks etc. According to Article 24 of Indian constitution no children below the age of 14 can be employed in any factory or in any hazardous activity. Poverty, unemployment, lack of educational facilities, social economic backwardness is some of the reasons behind Child labour. Under Article 21 A of the Indian Constitution the State shall provide infrastructure and free resources and compulsory education for children from age six to fourteen years. According to Article 2 of Minimum age industry convention of the ILO, 1919 children below the age of 14 are not allowed to be employed in any Public or Private industrial undertaking. The problem of child labour can be reduced to some level by reducing child trafficking, by reducing unemployment, by eliminating poverty. Many financial institutions and World Bank are helping in reducing poverty by providing loans and financial help. Article 15 3 of Indian constitution made special provisions for child but this doesn’t violate right to equality. Despite of making many laws and schemes for reducing child labour still the problem of child labour is completely not finished. Child labour prohibition and abolition act was passed by Indian government for reducing child labour. So basically child labour is huge problem for India and for the development of India. The future of our country will be in danger if the problem of Child labour is not finished or come to an end. Child labour deprives the children of their childhood by making them work. Child labour is a huge matter of concern which should be controlled as soon as possible. 917-920 Issue-5 Volume-2 Diwanshi Singh Chandel