<b>Knowledge, Belief and Perspective on Men’s Rights Activism of General Male Population</b> Even after years of freedom, no individual is free altogether. The society imposes multitude of restrictive “shoulds” on its members, both legally and socially. These “shoulds” have been developed as a way of living over a long period of time. They define the roles, especially social roles like husband, wife, parent, child, employee or neighbor. This has been the practice of society to define gender roles and to expect particular or different kinds of behavior from the males and females occupying these roles. We have usually heard about sex stereotyping which has limited the potential of women and in turn gave rise to the women’s movement. But now a days, men are becoming aware about their limiting roles which they are expected to full fill as per the society’s expectations. Men are facing injustice under the facing injustice under the family law. The laws are framed favouring women. The society has stereotyped the role of a man, for example, a real man is strong, competitive, sexually, competent and silent suffering. A man is dependent on women for a number of reasons. It is established that a woman is needed for child rearing, health maintenance, housekeeping and cooking. This has limited the role of a man as a privilege or burden as the case may be. There is a view which is accepted by some people of both the sexes that the stereotypical behavior of men has resulted in the oppression of women and therefore it must change. The changes in the society have provided men with an excellent opportunity to redefine options for men. It is appropriate for men to play an active role and be part of an initiative to promote gender neutral laws which would make a society a better place to be. 904-907 Issue-5 Volume-2 Shailja Soni