<b>Basic Structure in the Constitution of India</b> The present study intended to focus upon the issue of amending the constitution and the doctrine of basic structure with the help of a doctrinal method, the proposed exercise attempted to know that, Every provision of the constitution can be amended or not Is there any specific restriction on parliament for amending the constitution Whether fundamental rights can be amended under article 368 A systematic probe into some of these questions has made in the study. Beside the study also endeavored to find the procedure for amendment. And the amendment of the constitution cannot have the effect of destroying or abrogating the basic structure or framework of the constitution. The issue of amendment of constitution has been examined in light of significant judgment. The court represented the pinnacle of judicial creativity and set a benchmark for other constitution courts around the world has been included. How the future difficulties of constitution have been resolved. Finally the research took critical view of Kesavananda Bharti case. The study has been geared up by the doctrine of basic structure. 899-903 Issue-5 Volume-2 Bhavya Bhandari