<b>Study of Polyaniline Coated Fabrics for Electromagnetic Shielding Properties</b> The interference of Electromagnetic among the appliances is one of the major problems to be solved at present. Electro conductive media can generate and transport free charges, which can act as an electromagnetic shielding material. For light weight and flexible applications, here we prefer conductive polymer coating over textile instead of metals which are preferred traditionally. In this study electrically conductive cotton, polyester and polypropylene fabrics were made by coating polyaniline. The conductive fabrics were prepared by in situ chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline using ammonium per sulphate as the oxidant by a process of diffusion polymerization in a mixed bath.. The surface resistivity study shows that the treated fabrics show better conductivity. There are no significant differences between the treated and untreated fabrics with respect to thickness, air permeability and stiffness test results. But washing and rubbing fastness results show significant degradation of coating with loss of conductive polymer. Polyaniline, Intrinsically conductive polymer, Electromagnetic Experiments for EMI SE 1329-1333 Issue-5 Volume-2 N. Thukkaiappan