<b>Modeling of Queue Management System in Banking Industries</b> This study determined the performance measures of a queue management system in FIRST Bank Nigeria Plc Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The variables measured include the arrival rate and the service rate from a three server system over a given period of time of the day. Quantitative research method was employed in collecting the data. The observed data was tested using chi square goodness of fit test to determine if the arrival rates are Poisson distributed and the service rates are exponentially distributed. Multiple channel queuing models were used in analyses. The mean arrival and service rates were 10.82 and 9.22 respectively, with a system utilization of 1.2. The probability of having zero customers in the system was used to determine the optimal number of servers needed in the system. It was concluded that Five 5 servers is appropriate instead of three 3 servers currently used by the establishment, using the system utilization of 1.2 to trace the probability of having zero customers in the system which was found to be 0.976 at five servers M=5 . Five 5 server model is recommended for the establishment to reduce the total expected time customers has to wait, and that operation managers should not rely on existing queuing models only, but they should apply their discretion when a queue gets out of hand. Modeling, Queue, Management System, First Bank, Unizik Awka 1279-1296 Issue-5 Volume-2 Nwosu M. C. | Uhonmhoibhi K. E. | Okorie C. C. | Odii K. C.