<b>Public Support and Facilitation of Co operative Aid to Women Empowerment The Role of WDC Programme in Anambra State, Nigeria</b> The thrust of the study is to examine public support and facilitation of co operative aid to women empowerment with focus on Women Development Centre WDC in Anambra State. Thirty 30 members of Women Co operative Societies in WDC and 24 members of staff in WDC were randomly selected for the study. Data were collected through the use of two sets of structured questionnaires for the women co operative members and staff of WDC. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics comprising mean, simple and multiple percentages, while the hypotheses were tested using chi square and f test. The major findings include that the major roles co operative play in women empowerment are facilitating skills development, assisting in training of members, easy access to credit facilities and provision of employment opportunities. Extension services are facilitated to women co operative in the form of agro extension services, management and financial advice as well as accounting and record keeping education. The research work proved that WDC programmes are instrumental to women’s educational advancement and that saving level and access to credit of women increased when they joined women co operative. The study also identified challenges to effective implementation of WDC programmes and possible remedies to them so as to strengthen the developmental role of WDC in Anambra state. Public Support, Co operative, Women, Empowerment, WDC 730-739 Issue-5 Volume-2 Onugu, Charles Uchenna | Onuoha, Onyekachi Chibueze