<b>Genetic Divergence Studies in Black Gram Vigna Mungo L. Hepper </b> The experiment was conducted during 2017 2018 to estimate the genetic divergence, using 120 black gram genotypes for nine quantitative characters. Among the nineteen clusters, cluster I had maximum number of genotypes 62 followed by the cluster III 16 genotypes , cluster XIV 11 genotypes , cluster 9 genotypes . Clusters XV and XVII 4 genotypes and cluster XVIII 2 genotypes . The clusters viz., II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, XVI and XIX had one genotype each. The cluster XVII exhibited the maximum intra cluster distance. The maximum inter cluster distance was recorded between cluster XIX and IV. The maximum genetic divergence per cent was contributed by the trait number of clusters per plant. The cluster II and VI had the lowest mean value for days to 50 flowering and the cluster VII had the highest mean value for the trait and number of pods per plant. Black gram, clusters, genetic divergence, Biometrical traits 1503-1509 Issue-5 Volume-2 L. Priya | M. Arumugam Pillai | D. Shoba | N. Aananthi