<b>Design and Implementation for Trucks Tracking System Using GPS Based on Semantic Web</b> This paper proposed design and implementation of trucks tracking system using GPS based on semantic web for vehicle tracking in real time. In vehicle unit and a tracking server is used. The information is transmitted to tracking server using GSM GPRS modem on GSM network by using SMS or using direct TCP IP connection with tracking server through GPRS. The received SMS contain longitude and latitude that are used to locate the vehicle on the Google maps. Tracking server also has GSM GPRS modem that receives vehicle location information via GSM network and stores this information in database. It has been explored that most of the GPS based tracking systems are user friendly, cost effective, reliable and can be easily validated through different experiments and simulations which means that tracking system will send notifications periodically to the main station about the current position of the vehicle . Moreover those tracking notifications GPS will be stored in the database for future revising or generating required reports.. The tracking system will be better for cars, trucks, trailers, railways, containers and boats that can be traced using GPS vehicle tracking. Trucks Tracking System, Transportation, GPS, Semantic Web. Issue-4 Volume-1 Yasser Ahmed Nada