<b>Genetic Diversity Studies in Rice for Bacterial Leaf Blight Resistance</b> Bacterial blight BLB , caused by Xanthomonas oryzae PV. oryzae Xoo is one of the most destructive diseases active in the major rice growing countries of Asia. In field level screening, the genotypes PY5 and Kadaikannan showed immune against rice BLB. Under artificial condition, IR 11C 114, Adukan and Kadaikannan shows resistant to bacterial leaf blight. The trait single plant yield showed positive significant correlation with plant height 0.21 , number of productive tillers 0.19 and thousand grain weight 0.37 . Bacterial leaf blight, Darwin, PDI, association analysis and genetic divergence 797-806 Issue-5 Volume-2 G. Tamilarasan | M. Arumugam Pillai | R. Kannan | S. Merina Prem Kumari