<b>Surgical Condition of Udder and Teats in Cows</b> Teat and udder affections are common in domestic animals. Early diagnosis and treatment of diseases of teat and udder is very important for maintenance of their health. Surgical conditions of udder and teats are getting much attention now a day as these affects the economy of the farmer. Milk alone contributes around 63 to the total output from livestock. The udder and teats are vulnerable to external trauma or injury because of their anatomical location, increase in size of udder and teats during lactation, faulty methods of milking, repeated trauma to the teat mucosa, injury by teeth of calf, metabolic disturbances at parturition. Any disease condition of udder and teats may prone to mastitis 2908-2909 Issue-4 Volume-2 Arun Kumar | Manish Kumar Verma | Rashmi Saini | Rajat Verma | Shishu Pal Singh