<b>Voice Recognition Wireless Home Automation System Based on IOT</b> In the modern centuries, the Home Computerization scheme that is automation became one of the important challenges using and controlling the things remotely. The burst increase the electronic technology which made an automation to be a part in the day to day life. The remote technology has seen the rise of numerous criterions, mainly in the manufacturing, technical and medical departments. The wireless home Automation schemes should be executed in present home conditions, devoid of any variations in the structure. The automation hub on acknowledgment of vocal sound instructions and uses a low power IOT communiqué unit alongside controller. This arrangement is most reasonable for the mature, old and the disabled people particularly those who live alone. The system is proposed to regulate all illuminations i.e. light and electrical procedures in homes based on voice. Alexa, Voice, Automation, IOT, Light 261-264 Issue-5 Volume-2 Kavya K S Math | Dr. Basavaraj Mathpathi