<b>Automated Grass Cutter Robot Based on IoT</b> Automation is rapidly growing in the present technology. So automation plays a vital role in the agricultural field which is helpful for the farmers. In the earlier days, the grass cutters used were manually handheld devices. Because of this, there was pollution and loss of energy as they used gas and petrol engines. So the old grass cutters need to be replaced by automated ones, where the system will work for guidance and obstacle detection using battery as a power source. And it used Arduino UNO microcontroller board as the main controller of the system, Ultrasonic sensor for object detection, a NODE MCU for Wi Fi connection, a linear blade for cutting the grass, and a motor drive for the wheels of the Robot. This is fully automated and renewable energy based project. Robot, Automation, IOT, MCU 334-337 Issue-5 Volume-2 Neha | Syeda Asra