<b>Nanorobots in Cancer Treatment</b> Nanorobotics is one of the emerging and advanced technology in various field. The scientist throughout the world involves in research and development of nanorobots. The size of nanorobots is 10 9 meter and it is opposed to microrobotics. It is composed of many nano components. The range of device is 0.1 10 micrometer.It plays main role in medical industry as well as space industry. Nano medicine is developed using nanorobots. The nanorobots is highly durable. The largest contribution is given by IT Information Technology and sensor Technology for the development of Nano Technology. Nanorobots is different from macro robots due to some scale and material, even there are some similarities in the design and control techniques. The nanorobots is called as self replication because it replace worn out units by producing the copies of themselves. Nanorobots helps to treat some diseases like removal of kidney stone, diagnose and treat the cancer cells in human body, eliminate the defected parts in DNA, cerebral Aneurysm and also some other treatments and save the life of human. Robotic devices are used to help the patient in hospital rooms, complex surgery can also be performed using the robot, laboratory test can also be performed, some missing limbs can be replaced, help in rehabilitation after stroke and also to diagnose some diseases. Nanorobots are nano devices used for protecting and maintaining the human body against pathogens. Nanorobotics can be named as nanoids, nonomites, nanites or nanorobots can be used to describe hypothetical devices. This paper helps to review the working of nanorobots in medical field and also it gives the detailed explanation of its application Nanorobotics, Surgery, cancer therapy, Nanomedicine 117-120 Issue-5 Volume-2 Santhiya Grace. A | Devi Kala Rathinam. D | Sherin. J