<b>Antioxidant Activity of astaxanthin isolated from Charybdis Edwardsii Leene and Buitendijk ,1949 from Pazhayar, Southeast Coast of India</b> Astaxanthin extracted from Red Crab Charybdis edwardsii was assayed for antioxidant activity viz., total antioxidant, reducing power, hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging assay, and DPPH free radicals scavenging activity. Final concentration of astaxanthin was quantified to be 49.05 µg g using the standard astaxanthin. The antioxidant activity was found to be 60 , hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity showed 89 inhibition, whereas 1,1 diphenyl 2 picrylhydrazl DPPH activity showed 86 of scavenging activity. Present investigation proves that the astaxanthin from C. edwardsii acts as a promising antioxidant source, which can be used in food, pharmacological and aquaculture sectors Charybdis edwardsii, astaxanthin, antioxidant, DPPH 25-29 Issue-5 Volume-2 Anandakumar Arunkumar | Gnanakkan Ananthan | Rajaram Murugan