<b>Corrosion Characterization of Aluminium 6061 Tib2 Metal Matrix Composites in Sodium Hydroxide Medium</b> This paper deals with the high corrosion resistance developed by the metal matrix composites when compared with that of matrix alloy. Matrix selected is Al6061 and reinforcement selected is TiB2 particulates, which is a ceramic material. The liquid melt metallurgy technique is used to prepare composites. Preheated but uncoated TiB2 particulates are added to the melt. By adding degasifying tablets, the melt is stirred well. Metal matrix composites containing 2, 4 and 6 weight percentage of TiB2 are prepared. Bar castings were taken and are cut into cylindrical discs of 20mm diameter and 20mm thickness. Corrosion tests were conducted at room temperature 230 C using conventional weight loss method according to ASTM G69 80. Different concentrated sodium hydroxide solutions are used as corrodents. Weighed specimens dipped in corrodent solutions and were taken out at every 24 hours of interval up to 96 hours. Four specimens for each condition and time were used and taken out at every 24 hours of interval. Corrosion rates were calculated using the formula 534DAT W. In all concentrations of sodium hydroxide solutions, corrosion rate decreases with increase in exposure time for matrix and metal matrix composites. As TiB2 content increases the composites become more corrosion resistant due to insulating nature of ceramic material and less exposure of matrix alloy in those metal matrix composites. Composites, vortex, particulates, TiB2, corrodent 2810-2814 Issue-4 Volume-2 V. Latha | Dr. Radha. H. R | Dr. P. V. Krupakara | R. Lakshmi