<b>Peer To Peer File Transfer with Torrent</b> Peer to peer data transfer received a lot of attention in recent years. A peer to peer network allows users to communicate or send data over a network without any server. A peer is any computer client or user. So that it called Peer to peer P2P networking as there is no server, all data transfer process is going between those peers only. Peer to peer file sharing means distribution of files over a network without participation of any server, in which the files are located on individual’s machine and distributed with other members of the network. These type of networking softwares like Bit Torrent founded as the piracy method of choice in the early years butthen Supreme Court announced decision 2 to the closure of many torrent sites as they encourages illegally sharing of copyrighted content like games, music, setup files and mostly movies. Peer to peer, Seeders, leeches, trackers, BitTorrent, safe or unsafe , banning of sites. 2821-2823 Issue-4 Volume-2 Mr. Samir Ashok Mohite