<b>Identification of Medicinal Plants using Geometric Features of Leaf Image Through SVM</b> Plants are important to all the living beings. Further in the Indian Science, it is considered as greatest asset and gives rise to a new science called Ayurveda. Some plants provide food some have medicinal value. People instead of curing through medication which is at door step they go behind fastest cure without knowing its side effect. The reason for this is lack of knowledge for identifying medicinal plants. So inorder to avoid this we proposed a computer based technique so that we can identify the plant and give its medicinal values that will help common man to know which are the medicinal plants and also its uses. This paper describes about identifying plants species with the formation of feature set, through computer vision SVM, Image preprocessing, Feature extraction 12-15 Issue-5 Volume-2 Amrita Arjun Kindalkar | S. A. Angadi