<b>Conceptual Study of Prathama Patalagata Timira Incipient Presbyopia – A Review</b> Timira is a disease of Drishtimandala attributing wide range of clinical condition starting from mild blurring of vision to the potential risk of permanent vision loss. Presbyopia is not an error of refraction but a condition of physiological insufficiency of accommodation leading to a progressive fall in near vision. The concept of Incipient Presbyopia is almost parallel to the concept of prathama patalagata Timira described in the chapter of Drishtigata Roga. Hence an attempt has been made to understand the correlation of Prathamapatalagata Timira with special reference to Incipient Presbyopia. Prathama palagata Timira, Incipient Presbyopia 2894-2896 Issue-4 Volume-2 Dr Hemalata Rajpurohit | Dr Abhijith H N | Dr Amarnath H K | Dr. Ashwini M J