<b>Construction of Low Cost Straw Bale House with Regard to Environmental Management in Myanmar</b> The unique properties possessed by the Low Cost Straw Bale LCSB make attractive materials candidate for variety of application in Myanmar. Several factors such as type of reinforcement, fabrication technique, and matrix composite provide a huge potential for this material to be tailored for particular application. Straw bale houses are built all over the world due to their low cost and other advantages. They can be built by mixing the straw bale in the field which will be burned later with clay, sand and lime in the place of bricks usually constructed with timber and bricks. In this paper, the measurement of test building of straw bale house were 36 feet long, 24 feet wide and 12 feet high. Non structural bale In fill Method was used in construction of straw bale building. It was located in the ShwePyauk Village, Kyauk Tan Township, Thanlyin District, Yangon, Myanmar. That location was closed to the Thanlyin – Kyauk Tan industrial zone and Thilawa Special Economic Zone. The results indicate that the mechanical properties of the low cost building by using straw bale composite, including creep test, short term static load deformation and sustainable construction materials as a potential candidate by resulting in saving of material, cost, and energy. This straw bale house is environmental friendly low cost housing and very useful for rural area. Straw bale house, Composite material, Reinforcement, Brick 2774-2779 Issue-4 Volume-2 Myint Aung | Aung Lay Tin