<b>Techniques to Analyse, Identify and Verify the Online Job Offers by Fake Companies World Wide</b> The growing internet technologies have made it easier for the job seekers to search and apply for the jobs by just few clicks on mouse using internet. This makes the person to do fewer efforts on searching for jobs offline and gets trapped by the fraudster. A job scam is nothing but a group of fraudulent activity which the team acts as a real recruiter and post good job offers with a huge amount of pay scale. The primary goal of them is to loot huge amount from the job seekers by two methods. One method is the fake recruiter asks to wire some huge amount of money as an advance before confirming the job and the second method is identity theft. In the identity theft method, the fake recruiter from the fake companies approaches people and tries to get the persons confidential information in the name of job opportunity and then uses the personal information’s for theft identity. No matter what method they use to approach job seeker, their primary and main intention is to fetch a huge amount of money and escape. In this growing technical world, the fake recruiters of fake companies have many smart tricks in hand which makes it extremely difficult to identify and verify the real companies from the fake one through online. As the online job openings are increasing, the fake recruiters and companies online are also increasing enormously day by day. In the internet if we identify and verify the job openings, there will be approximately only 4 out of 10 legitimate openings and rest of the openings are identified as fake companies and recruiters. Fake Companies Recruiter Scammers Candidates 2660-2663 Issue-4 Volume-2 Athira Das | Swati Ashok Desale