<b>Gender Stereotypes at Workplace</b> The main purpose of the study is to identify whether the “glass ceiling” is created or not in the organisation and also to identify how gender stereotypes affect the performance of the employees. Exploratory as well as descriptive research is conducted in which data is collected through observation, face to face interaction, and questionnaire and also from previous study done on the topics related to gender stereotypes. In which researcher attempt to find out the gap created because of gender stereotypes at workplace, at last it is concluded that gender stereotypes is a vast concept, gender stereotypes may vary from organisation to organisation because it is not necessary that it will create a barrier in every organisation, according to the data it does not show any negative affect on any employees both male and female that they are facing any problem because of gender stereotypes pay difference 2490-2499 Issue-4 Volume-2 Dr Gaurav Purohit