<b>Productivity Improvement in a Sewing Line Through Line Balancing in a Garment Manufacturing Company in the Philippines</b> In any manufacturing company, productivity in terms of quality and cost required in doing the operation is the topmost priority to be considered. Productivity improvement was studied through the use of time and motion study and line balancing concept in one of the clusters of a sewing line in a garment manufacturing company. Series of observations in the line and direct interviews among the regular personnel involved in the operation were done including the sewers, pressers, and supervisors in charge of the assembly line. It was noted that the average productivity rate of the selected assembly line was only seventy one 71 percent way down below from their target output. Based on the findings of the study, plant layout was one of the contributing factors that causes bottleneck in the assembly line particularly in the pairing and aligning of cut goods. Task time involved in each process was studied and computed based on optimal number of manpower and expected productivity rate. In effect, combining the processes of pairing and aligning of cut goods in one line contributes great impact in reduction of machine requirements per process to improve the productivity rate of the company. Productivity, Time and Motion Study, Line Balancing 2598-2604 Issue-4 Volume-2 Amaya, Flocerfida L | Delos Santos, Rafael, A | Tenorio, Rodolfo Jr. V