<b>Science News in African Newspapers has Less Space Share than Asia An Epistemological Case Study in Last 10 Years</b> There is no denying the fact that, there is an increasing call for scientists and engineers to engage with the public more and more through mass media for sustainable development throughout the world. The scenario of is somehow different in Asia and African countries in comparison to European and American countries. The study involved a survey of research with selected newspapers of selected countries as sample from those two continents. This study also includes to find the active participation of the scientists through scientific articles, regular columns, post editorials, letters to the editor etc and hence 28 different major circulated newspapers from 28 countries of Asia and Africa were chosen. There is a great need of policy which enable a higher proportion of younger scientists to get involved in public engagement and the need to reward public engagement activity in the career progression of scientists. Mass media, Sustainable development, Science communication, Newspaper, Post Editorials 2654-2659 Issue-4 Volume-2 Ratul Datta | Dr. Tapati Basu