<b>A Review Study on Effect of Steel Fibre and Marble Dust with Strength of Pavement Quality Concrete</b> There is growing interest in the construction of concrete pavements, due to its high strength, durability, better serviceability and overall economy in the long run. The thrust nowadays is to produce thinner and green pavement sections of better quality, which can carry the heavy loads. The high strength steel fibre reinforced concrete is a concrete having compressive strength greater than 40MPa, made of hydraulic cements and containing fine and coarse aggregates and discontinuous, unconnected, randomly distributed steel fibres. The present study aims at, developing pavement quality concrete mixtures incorporating marble dust as partial replacement of cement as well as steel fibres. The aim is to the design of slab thickness of PQC pavement using the achieved flexural strength of the concrete mixtures. In this study, the flexural, compressive and split tensile strength for pavement quality concrete mixtures for different percentage of steel fibres and replacement of cement with marble dust are reported. It is found out the maximum increase in flexure strength, compressive strength and split tensile strength is for 0 Marble Dust and 1 Steel fibre. Also it has been possible to achieve savings in cement by replacing it with marble dust and adding fibres. This study also shows that in view of the high flexural strength, high values of compressive strength and high values of split tensile strength, higher load carrying capacity and higher life expectancy, the combination of 10 to 20 marble dust replacement along with addition of 0.5 to 1 steel fibres is ideal for design of Pavement Quality Concrete PQC . PQC, CS, MD Issue-4 Volume-1 Krishan Kumar | Sumesh Jain