<b>Consumer Perception of Mobile Advertising Values and their Attitude Towards Mobile Advertising in Anambra State, Nigeria</b> The study examined if there was relationship between consumer attitude towards mobile advertising and their perception of the informativeness, entertainment, credibility and irritativeness of mobile ads. The questionnaire was used to gather the primary data from of 400 mobile phone GSM users in Onitsha metropolis, Anambra State, Nigeria selected through non probability sampling method. The frequency tables, percentages and Spearman’s correlation coefficient were used to analyse the data. The results indicated that entertainment, informativeness, and credibility of mobile advert value leads to 66.9 , 67.6 , and 66.7 positive effect respectively on the consumer attitude towards mobile advertising while irritation leads to 15.7 negative effect on the consumer attitude towards mobile advertising. The study further posit that informativeness 67.6 is the most important factor that impacts on consumers perceptions, followed by entertainment 66.9 , credibility 66.7 , and then irritation 15.7 . The study recommended that marketers need to i ensure that messages are sent to consumers at a reasonable time during the day based on consumers’ preference. Messages should be sent in suitable amount so as to avoid interruption and disturbance to consumers ii seek ways to increase the level of entertainment pleasurable experience that can be derived from SMS advertisements. To this end, MMS multimedia message services substitute is the closest option that can balance out this inherent default SMS entertainment limitation Attitudes, Mobile ads, Perception, Informativeness, Entertainment, Credibility, Irritation, Anambra State, Nigeria. 126-140 Issue-5 Volume-1 Okwuchukwu Marcus, Anyasor | Njideka Nancy, Umeadi