<b>Automation of Solar Solution Toolkit License</b> Solar Solution Toolkit Licenseā€ is a web application which is mainly for a solar company. As installing solar takes lot of paper and manual work, to avoid this heavy work this application will be used. Once the customer comes in contact with the user, leads and installation Quotation would be generated. The details of the customer would be stored in lead module for further reference. Upon the interest of the customer, user sends him quotes depending on his power bills. The aim of this paper is to improvise the existing manual working process of Solar Installation to digital productivity manner with the help of some new technologies. My experimental analysis shows that the existing working process can be overcome with digital process in terms of time saving, data or information storage, etc. This section will include discussion and interactive examples of lead screening, site visits, proposal preparation and presentation, closing, documentation and writing up the sale. Home Location, Solar Panel, Solar Report, Google Maps API, Lead Generation 420-424 Issue-4 Volume-1 Akash A. Muttoor | Mrutyunjaya S. Emmi