<b>Impact of Help Lines on Farmers with Respect to Jalgaon District</b> Helpline may be Helpline number or an helpline application which distributes knowledge and guidance to Farmers to increase their productivity. The increased usage of help lines turned to be a guide to Farmers. This paper focuses on understanding experimental viewpoint about intensity, usage of help lines and its impact on the Farmers and their Farm’s productivity. Instead of Helpline centers, it is much enhancing and effective to Farmers. For instance Farmers get to know solution to problems and guidance of how to resolve that problems. Farmers need not to roam in search of Helpline centers. It is very user friendly and easy to get initiated. Simply enter telephone number and call on helpline. Helpline numbers are Toll Free numbers, so Farmers need not to pay any charges. Also Helpline applications are offline applications, so Farmers does not need any internet connection. With Help lines, resolving farming problems has become much easier, faster and cheaper. It is less expensive as compared to Helpline centers. An individual can easily access Helpline facilities to increase their productivity. Helplines provide detailed knowledge of farming. Helpline provide information w.r.t. Country and District and also Farmers can choose language which they understand. It helps farmers which crop should be suitable for current weather and quantity of fertilizers and pesticides required for crops production. It provides detailed and understandable process of production of each and every crop w.r.t. season and weather. Also, market rate of crops, profit and loss which helps farmers to know which crop should be produce. Farmers can search for Pesticide and farm machinery dealers, seed and fertilizer dealers. Blog provides expert’s advice which helps farmers in production. Help lines , Help lines for farmers , app for farmers , agricultural helpline toll free number, farmer portal, kisan help lines services, agriculture website list, etc 2407-2412 Issue-4 Volume-2 Mansi Patil | Pratibha Deshmukh