<b>Impact of Strategic Cost Analysis on Accounting Information</b> This study handles impact of strategic cost analysis on accounting information field study on engineering industries Companies Khartoum State , the study aimed to understand the concept of strategic cost analysis and the concept and characteristics of accounting information. The study test one hypothesis following There is a statistically significant relationship between the application of strategic costs analysis and accounting information and hypothesis is achieved. The study reached some findings from which strategic cost analysis contributes to the provision of appropriate information for decision making, Strategic cost analysis contributes to reducing the costs of different activities, strategic cost analysis contributes to providing information about activities that do not add value to the product, the study recommended following care should be taken to apply the types of strategic cost analysis to obtain product information at all stages, must be applied the types of strategic cost analysis with modern cost methods to reduce the total cost of production. Strategic Cost Analysis, accounting information Issue-4 Volume-1 Dr. Abubkr Ahmed Elhadi Abdelraheem | Dr. Badreldin Elhadi Ahmed Serajeldin | Aldouma Abdallah Abdalrahman Jedo