<b>A Novel Colour Image Embedded QR Code Generation Technique for Chip Less RFID Labelling</b> In recent years, chip less RFID mark located based on genetic algorithm GA optimization system is used. The genetic algorithm is fit and facility to arrangement a band of frequency domain chippers card like QR display. The resultant card supports an extend 30 mm × 30 mm and reside of lattice limited metallic pieces arranged randomly over a 60 × 60 bit design frame a collection of advanced structured. The frequency signature of the GA based mark is optimized to consistent with an FSK based ciphering process and a magnitude of 8 segments is acquired. The construct of the resultant mark is proven. Optimum mark model made in silver ink, marked down flexible bases, serigraphy, which is a large consistent performance procedure. The possibility of this optimization system for the pattern of chip less RFID label is affirmed. Genetic algorithm GA , chipless RFID, quick response code QR . 16-20 Active Galaxy Special Issue Dr S Hemalatha | R latha | S Mythili