<b>Philosophical Thoughts as Reflected in Drama S of Kālidāsa</b> Mahakavi Kalidasa a luminous star in the galaxy of Sanskrit literature. As a poet as well as a Dramatist, he has not only written the prominent poems and famous dramas just for the amusement and happiness for the people of society, but he has reflected the socio political status, religious thoughts and spiritual approaches of the society as well. It is also noticed that when Sanatanadharma or Vaidikadharma once upon a time was in crises by the influence of Buddhadharma and Jainadharma in the soil of India, by the mean time, Ancient Scholar Vaidika i have made their efforts to establish and propagate the same by highlighting the value of it. Establishment of Dharma was only possible through the writing of Kavyas and Na akas by the then scholars. As a result, poet Kalidasa has not ignored the chance to highlight the concept of philosophy and religion, while writing his dramas and poems. We may discuss here few areas where Kalidasa has concentrated to highlight the philosophical thoughts in his writings particularly in dramas. Moreover, the establishment of svaravada, the concept Prak ti and Puru a, Yogavichara, Isvaratattvasidhanta, Vagarthavada and the concept of Yajna and Devata are discussed in detailed in this research paper with proper evidences. 1976-1979 Issue-4 Volume-2 Dr. Debajyoti Jena