<b>Developing Pervious Concrete by Variations in Aggregate Size and Testing of Parameters</b> Pervious concrete as a paving material has seen renewed interest due to its ability to allow water to flow through itself to recharge groundwater level and minimize storm water runoff. Pervious concrete mixtures are usually prepared by single sized coarse aggregate with negligible or zero percentage of fine aggregate. Our study includes the preparation of pervious concrete samples by varying the size of coarse aggregate used. The effect of variation in size of aggregate on compressive strength is studied and compared with conventional concrete. Coefficients of permeability for each mix are calculated and compared. The results and various reasons affecting the results are discussed by graphical presentation and conclusions are drawn. Coefficient of Permeability, Compressive Strength, Pervious Concrete, Variation in Aggregate Size, Voids Ratio 1633-1637 Issue-4 Volume-2 Prof. Amena I. Tamboli | Shaikh Zaid A. Majeed | Panchariya Karan | Pankar Akshay | Patel Bhargav | Powar Vikramsinh