<b>Biometric Finger Print Identification using DWT Byreal Minutiaeextraction</b> In this work an attempt is made to enhance biometric fingerprint for identification and recognition using Discrete Wavelet Transform DWT . In conventional biometric systems Fast Fourier Transform has been used, use of the wavelets provides higher degree of resolution enhancement. In this work first the biometric image is taken as input from stored database, then it undergone through histogram equalization, which makes the pixel value distribution of an image to increase the perceptional image information. After that resolution enhancement is done by Discrete Wavelet Transform. Then the image is binarized, followed by segmentation is used to locate the objects and boundaries like the lines and curves present in an images. Then, the partitioning of the fingerprint image is done into distinguished blocks specific size. After that ROI extraction is performed. In Minutia extraction there are two steps involved, named Ridge thinning and minutia marking. Then the post processing stage consists of False minutia removal, unify termination and bifurcation and minutiae matching. Finally, the enhanced fingerprints are matched for performance evolution of the proposed technique Minutiae extraction, Wavelet Transform, minutiae matching, fingerprint, biometrics, fingerprint enhancement 2106-2113 Issue-4 Volume-2 Mradula Jain | Anshul Khurana