<b>Posulating The Structural Civic Policy Negotiations of Community Higher Education Initiatives in Kerala</b> The study primarily focuses on the avenue of understanding the relationship that existed between the state machinery and the communities that ventured into the sphere of higher education, the Human factors that determine the fate of communalization of Politics and Rapid advancement of education in the state of Travancore also the dynamic role of private agencies, especially the Christian missionaries who had intensified their educational activities in the state. • How power structures in the Higher Education Sector of Kerala had its genesis and emerged • How were these different groups of the Higher education sector placed during the different regimes, that of Princely State of Travancore, the Travancore Cochin state, and of the first EMS ministry • How can the efficacy and vitality of higher educational reforms and policies till that of 1959 be looked at Kerala, Higher Education, Communalization, Civic Policies 1324-1326 Issue-4 Volume-2 Prof K M Vishnu Namboodiri