<b>Employee Rewards in HRM and its impact on Employee Engagement in an Organization</b> This research paper focuses on the effect of reward systems on employee engagement in the modern work environment. Reward Systems have evolved over the years beginning effectively from the era of Industrial Revolution that unleashed mankind’s creative potential. Over a period of time Reward Systems have been structured and subjected to severe transition to be equitable and fit effectively with the organizational goals and to fulfill various organizational needs. This paper endeavors to explore the relation between Rewards and one such crucial organizational requirement, ‘Employee Engagement’. It highlights the role of rewards and traces its significance to enhance employee engagement in today’s organization. Finally, it discusses the measures that can be adopted to improve this relation. Organizational Rewards, Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition, Strategic Reward system, Human Resource Management, Organizational Productivity 1425-1432 Issue-4 Volume-2 Sharon D'souza