<b>Awareness on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS Among College Going Girls</b> The Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome is considered to be most prevalent of all endocrine disorders which women face. The purpose of our study was to collect data on how many women had awareness of this syndrome. Furthermore what was the ratio of women who were aware of these disorder symptoms was evaluated. Data was collected from three hundred women who were seeking education in ST.Ann’s Degree College. Subjects were inquired through survey forms about the symptoms. The collected data was then interpreted to find the awareness of about PCOS as 63 out of 300 subjects. Regarding menstruation 21.1 had some sort of irregularity.14.4 women had oligomenorrhoea. To conclude this study does not have sufficient evidence to establish the prevalence of PCOs through ultrasonography thus only awareness on PCODS and prevalence of oligomenorrhoea and hirsutism has been stated which can serve as a guideline towards finding the true prevalence PCOS in our society. PCOs 1910-1913 Issue-4 Volume-2 Mrs. Meena Patangay | G. Akhila | Sritaja. M