<b>Evaluation of Anti Urolithiasis Activity in Coffea Arabica.Linn using Struvite Crystal Growth Inhibition Assay</b> Struvite accounts for 15 – 20 of all renal calculi. 1 These stones can grow rapidly forming ‘straghorn calculi’, which is a more painful urological disorder threatening human life particularly the women. 2 The present work was aimed to grow struvite crystals in vitro using single diffusion gel growth technique and to understand the effect of Coffea arabica on its growth. Test drug was prepared at two different concentrations of 0.5 and 1 dispersed in 1.0M magnesium acetate solution were gently poured on the set gel in the test tubes to enumerate the growth inhibition of struvite crystals. The result showed that the test drug Coffea arabica has anti –urolithiasis property in the tested medium. struvite, Coffea Arabica, crystallization, straghorn stone 1120-1123 Issue-4 Volume-2 G. Rathiga | M. Mohammed Fharook