<b>A Review on Codeigniter</b> Framework is important for large scale object oriented software systems for development. They offer market value for high productivity and low time through design and recycling codes. CodeIgniter is a PHP framework developed by Alice Lab and does not require additional configuration. You do not have to use the command line, it is extremely light that usually provides a rich set of libraries for essential works, as well as provides a simple interface and logical design to access this library. CodeIgniter s face challenges you to search for a framework that works better than codeigner. CodeIgniter uses the MVC approach. CodeIgniter is fully documented. CodeIgniter is a friendly community for users. PHP5 is a Scripting language dock to create a sophisticated, dynamic web based application It s top of its friendship with HTML It s also a great language to honor your OOP’s skills, it is tight, safe and the intuitive. Many of us have only server side language to meet our needs. This makes coding more easier, faster, and user friendly in PHP. Model View Controller MVC should study the web development with the best practices that all developers should follow. It’s created on linear and easy to use folders configuration. It is open source, easy to configure, customize for its own needs. You can create your own clean URI line in CodeIgniter. For this we create controller, model and view, as well as database to keep information. CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC schema that aims to simplify normal operations while implementing Structured Code so that it is easy to debug, scale, and develop a team. You will compare Codeigniter to another framework in which Zend is not restricted to implementing MVC configurations. It can be seen as negative or positive, all of which depends on us and how you use it. There are many frameworks available and you can do some research to determine what will work best. codeigniter,MVC,framework,ORM Object relational Mapping ,Controller 1124-1129 Issue-4 Volume-2 Rohit Jahagirdar | Yogeshchandra Puranik