<b>Review Paper on Improved Exhaust Emission Control by The Use of Cu Zeolite Catalyst Based Catalytic Converter</b> In the present time, the automobiles running on the roads have drastically increased in number due to the advancement in the sector with low cost to offer to the people. Though this has made the life sophisticated as well as has made our life easier in terms of travelling and transportation, this has dragged us towards a major issue regarding the pollution it causes to the atmosphere. The compression ignition engine that are used in the vehicles produces a large amount of obnoxious gases like NOX, HC, CO, etc. The existing catalytic converter that is used in order to convert this harmful gases are not meeting the demands of euro 6 emission standards as well as they are inadequate to work in very high temperature. In order overcome this issue and make the system more efficient, the existing catalytic converter’s ceramic structure can be modified by applying a wash coat of Cu Zeolite catalyst to it which results in lower NOX emission even at high exhaust temperature. Catalytic Converter, Exhaust emission, Euro 6 Standards, Cu Zeolite Catalyst 889-893 Issue-4 Volume-2 Akash Pathak | K. Venkadeshwaran | Alok Kumar Rohit | Niranjan Kumar Naulakha