<b>Effects of Waste Glass Powder on Compressive Strength of Concrete</b> In this research an attempt is made to study the effect of waste glass power in Concrete using waste glass, which is non biodegradable and not suitable to landfill. This study is carried out to use such waste materials into construction industries so that our environment is free to one of the major pollutant produced by the manufacturing industries. The main aim of this study is to utilization of waste glass power as a partial replacement of fine aggregate. In this study the aim is to determine the percentage of glass replacement, resulting in optimal compressive strength.Concrete nominal mix of M20 with different percentages of Glass power has been evaluated as per IS 2386 part IV and IS 383. Waste glass powder was replace with fine aggregate in various percentages such as 5 ,10 ,15 ,20 ,25 ,30 ,35 ,40 ,45 , and 50 . Reference concrete mix is also made for comparative reasons. Nominal Mix, Waste Glass power, Compressive Strength, construction industries Issue-4 Volume-1 Sudhanshu Kumar | Dr. Bharat Nagar