<b>Study of Ion Scattering Process by the Method of Binary Collision Approximation</b> In this paper presents the computer simulation method based on binary collision approximation for a study of low energy E 0 = 1 15 keV ion collisions on the surface of a solid and of the accompanying effect like namely scattering. The peculiarities of the process of correlated small angle scattering of 1–5 keV Ne Ar ions by the Cu 100 single crystal surfaces have been investigated by computer simulation. It has been shown that under these conditions the inelastic energy losses become predominant over the elastic ones computer simulation atomic collisions ion scattering. 284-288 Issue-4 Volume-1 Kutliev Uchkun Otoboevich | Karimov Muxtor Karimberganovich | Narimonov Nurbek Davronbekovich