<b>Automation of Invigilations in College Examination Portal Exam Click </b> Examination Cell is a very confidential and key place for any college. Currently all the activities in the exam cell were mostly including a lot of manual calculations and is slightly making it easier with Open Office or Microsoft Office tools but still there were lot of queries that don’t have an exact answer or will take much time to calculate in the exam cell like Exam Invigilation’s Admission Promotion Lists To reduce the paper work, we have undertaken this project..The above said problem can be solved by automating the college examination portal. Exam click is an effective tool for integrating efficient, scalable, transparent and robust solutions. The main aim for creating this project is to project the process that undergoes in between exam notification to invigilator remunerations and preparation of admission lists to graduation lists. It has the perspective of attaining attraction of those colleges which don’t have better performing software. So, by this project we want to make an attempt, to make the work of the management, exam cell, and department exam cellssimole and accurate. Exam Cell, Invigilation, Admission, Exam Portal 843-845 Issue-4 Volume-2 Ch. Hampli | K. Amulya | V. Lakshmi Tejasri | B. Indu Krishna