<b>Real Time Tracking and Fuel Monitoring System for Vehicle</b> In today s world, the actual record of fuel filled and fuel consumption in vehicles is not maintained. It results in a financial loss. To avoid this we are implementing a microcontroller based fuel monitoring and vehicle tracking system. After visited several software based companies we decide to work on embedded technology. Which is the combination of software as well as hardware In our project, we are using GPS as well as GSM module. GPS receive the data from satellite and GSM module transmit through SMS with the predefined number both this module work UART Universal Asynchronous re transmitter protocol . Also, we are using Arduino UNO. It is a single chip microcontroller using this we control all the hardware connected with our project. So we refer the datasheet of 8 mega 328 IC. In 8 mega 328 microcontrollers, there is 2 kilobyte RAM and 32 kilobytes fresh ROM. RAM generally used for defining the data types. While fresh ROM is used to store the program. In this current session, we work UAR protocol programming. In ARDUINO microcontroller try to load simple basic LED on the program using ARDUINO compiler. In this system, we are using both simulations of GSM and GPS module and also we are creating an android application to show all the details of collecting information in an android application. Arduino UNO, GSM, GPS, Obstacle Sensor, Limit Switch 544-546 Issue-4 Volume-2 Yashpalsinh Gohil | Jay Desai