<b>Scientific Review on Food Custom of Siddha</b> Now a days prevalence of life style diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer etc. are very high when compared to few decades before. Our ancestors had much better overall health than us. This is just because of their lifestyle which was very close to nature. Preventive medical care was gained an important place in Siddha system of medicine. New strategies have been developed for combating specific deficiencies for example nutritional blindness and iodine deficiency disorders. The recognition of the role of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients and more recently dietary fibre emphasize the pivotal role of the nutritive components in preventive medicine. This review focuses the scientific basis of certain traditional Siddha food customs which would be supportive in the prevention of life style diseases. Preventive medicine, Siddha, Life style disorders, Dietary pattern, Nutritional blindness 690-694 Issue-4 Volume-2 G. Rathiga | T. Lakshmi Kantham