<b>Role of Ethics in Modern Business Paradigm</b> Modern business has witnessed a number of changes. These changes are both negative as well as positive. As ethics in business relates to is the code of conduct, principles, practices and philosophies, it will guide the day to day business decisions considering its positive impact on society and its sustainability. The ethical principles and moral practices help the organisation in attaining what is best. With the growing concern about climate change, food security and global health, the whole issue of business ethics has become a matter of widespread debate and consideration across the globe. Thus this paper aims at bringing these diverse perspectives together in order to bring a comprehensive and holistic account of modern business ethics. This article also describes the ethical issues, which are vital to solving the problems related to business, and to give short preface to the moral issues drawn in in the management of explicit problem areas in business. Ethics, Modern Business, Moral Issues 605-607 Issue-4 Volume-2 Dr. Puja Mishra