<b>Reverse Aging by Punica granatum L. Peel Extract on Rat Model</b> While connecting the dots to all the possibly known diseases, it lead us to a single root cause, an increased level of free radicals. Apart from the external sources, internally sources as well, trigger the natural aging clock i.e. the length of the telomere. The present study was focused on the chemical constituents being, polyphenolic tannins ellagic acid, punicallin, punicalagin being converted into urolithins. Ageing was induced by oral administration of soft drink for 6 weeks in positive control group resulted increase in body weight, lipid peroxidase and low density lipids. The oral administration dose of pomegranate aqueous peel extract in group T1 a 50mg kg and group T1 b 10 mg kg of body weight and pomegranate fruit juice in group T2 a 2ml kg and T2 b 3 ml kg of body weight, was given for 3 weeks. Furthermore, the combination of both aqueous peel extract and fruit juice in group T3 was 100mg kg and 3ml kg of body weight administered orally. The pomegranate aqueous peel extract shown to be a potent antioxidant than the pomegranate fruit juice. Whereas, among all the treatment groups, group T3 shown significant increase in superoxidases, reduced glutathione, free radical scavenging activity, high density lipids and memory retention as compared to the positive control group. free radicals, telomere, antioxidant, ORAC, Punica granatum L., ellagic acid, punicallin, punicallagin, polyphenol, polyphenolic tannins, urolithins, anti aging 640-647 Issue-4 Volume-2 Akanksha Samuel | Yogita Dobhal