<b>MED CARE Using IoT</b> Many high risk diseases can be medicated and prohibited with the use of right kind of treatment. Accordingly, it’s compulsory to consume drugs on the recommended time. If an infirm doesn’t consume his medicant on schedule, there may be various negative effects. Using medical science and technology, this methodology assures specific time alert for the intake of the medicants. The alert will be one in audio form and other in visual form. Audio alert in the form of buzzer and visual alert in the form of LED and WhatsApp message. This device helps the infirm and the physician to monitor the regular intake of medication and advice for better improvements of the health. Internet of Things IoT , Raspberry Pi, Alert, Reed Switch 671-676 Issue-4 Volume-2 Aishwarya C | Ankita Vyas | Sunil M P | Manjunath C R