<b>Application of Big Data Analytics with Evidence Based Medicine</b> Numerous clinical practices used in certain organizations are said to be of an age old practice whose results are not without side effects. Evidence Based Medicine is the approach that enables an optimum decision making system with the acquisition of the best evidence based of a clinical research. The system improves the quality of healthcare and additionally provides certain standards that every organization can abide. The Indian Health Ministry laying down the standards for EHR Electronic Health Records only makes it eminent that data stored will be digitized. With Blockchain technology on the rise, organizations will be sharing patient data more conveniently and securely. Data collected from patients and also from clinical research, especially in India will be immense. As data grows in volume and complexity, the need for analytics arises. Big Data Analytics is the domain which deals with cleansing surmounts of complex data and gaining valuable insights from it using various computational techniques. Implementing big data analytics in an evidence based system will aid the health organization to visualize and find the best course for the patient’s condition from the data provided in the patient’s health record in accordance with the clinical research data. Evidence Based Medicine Electronic Health Records Big Data Analytics Blockchain 440-444 Issue-4 Volume-2 Aravind G | Varun K | Manjunath C R | Soumya K N