<b>Application of Industrial Engineering to increase the productivity of an E Rickshaw factory</b> Productivity improvement is an important issue in small scale industry. The profit earning of this industry largely depends on productivity improvement. This study shows the way of finding gap of production process and operations. By implementing work study and method study and established new effective process for particular operation, we have to able to increase productivity. Especially this study shows the improvement of productivity in assembly area of E rickshaw manufacturing industry. The line balancing is the key point to increase productivity to particular products. After line balancing and critical analysis the work content was reduced by 9 minutes. Our proposed method helps to increase productivity to 19.97 with reduction of work content and line balancing. Productivity, Time Study, Motion Study, Work Content 492-501 Issue-4 Volume-2 Harshna Gupta | Gaurav Chaudhary | Krishna Mohan Singh | Devendra Kumar | Ashish Malik